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Nylon Nuts & Nut Covers

Nylon fasteners are ideal for a wide range of electronic products and systems because it is approximately half the weight of aluminum and yet provides good strength and excellent wear resistance. From an appearance standpoint, nylon offers attractive product design options - it can take on lustrous, semi-lustrous or dull finishes without compromising its durability, enabling nylon fasteners to be an integral part of a product's look and finish.

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Nylon Dome Nuts

Ranging from thread sizes M3 to M16. Dome nuts are light and rustproof and good resistance to shocks. Sold in multiples of 100.

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Nylon Full Nuts

Natural nylon full nuts to DIN 934. Ranging from M2 to M24. Good resistance to chemicals and to shocks. Sold in multiples of 100.

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Knurled Thumb Nuts With Collar

Knurled thumb nuts from sizes M3 to M6. Temperature resistance from -30°C to +100°C.

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Knurled Thumb Nuts without Collar

Knurled thumb nuts without collar. From sizes M4 to M6. Coarse and fine thread available.

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Nylon Nut Covers - White

Wide range of nut covers available from stock. Black, white and grey colours available. From sizes M4 to M20. Sold in multiples of 100.

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Standard Wing Nuts

Standard wing nuts available. Made from nylon. Sizes range from M4 to M10. Sold in multiples of 100.

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Washer Faced Full Nuts

Washer faced full nuts - Ranging from sizes M3 to M16. Thousands in stock. Sold in multiples of 100.

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