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Data Table

Order No. Order by articlenumber d1 Order by parameter d2 Order by parameter Order by parameter Material Order by parameter Finish Order by parameter
B0409.032-B0-00 M 3 3,2 0,8 Brass Self colour /Unfinished
B0409.043-B0-00 M 4 4,3 1,0 Brass Self colour /Unfinished
B0409.053-B0-00 M 5 5,3 1,2 Brass Self colour /Unfinished
B0409.064-B0-00 M 6 6,4 1,6 Brass Self colour /Unfinished
B0409.084-B0-00 M 8 8,4 2,0 Brass Self colour /Unfinished
B0409.105-B0-00 M10 10,5 2,5 Brass Self colour /Unfinished
B0409.130-B0-00 M12 13,0 3,0 Brass Self colour /Unfinished
B0409.150-B0-00 M14 15,0 3,0 Brass Self colour /Unfinished
B0409.170-B0-00 M16 17,0 3,0 Brass Self colour /Unfinished
B0409.220-B0-00 M20 22,0 4,0 Brass Self colour /Unfinished

Technical & Application



Technical Notes

To DIN 9021, ISO 7093.

CAD & Data Sheets

Product Datasheets

B0409 Plain Flat Washer 331 kB pdf
Brass Washers 1 MB pdf
Brass 17 MB pdf
Alloys (not found) pdf

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